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Referee Training Fall 2019

We have lots of changes in the Laws of the Game 2019/2020 for this season….

Anyone interested in the updated Laws of the Game 2019/2020 can go to their app store and download the IFAB Laws of the Game 2019 for free. To understand how AYSO is implementing relevant changes, please attend a Referee Update Session

I have schedule a series of Referee Updates for all referees and for all parents

  1. Referees should know and understand the updated Laws of the Game 2019/2020 before the season starts
  2. Parents should know and understand the updated Laws of the Game 2019/2020 so they won’t be surprised when some of what used to be is now different.
  3. Parents may attend any Referee Update Session
  4. Referees must attend at least one Referee Update if they plan to Referee this season

I have scheduled some Regional Referee Courses in August and September.

Remember: the Laws of the Game require a referee for all matches (games). No referee, not a match (game).

Referee Updates Sessions:

Referee Update Sessions in Carson City are at the

Ormsby Room

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

911 E. Musser St.

Carson City, NV 89701


Current Referees: please attend one of these session (these are not referee classes).  Coaches are welcome!

Referee Update (Sunday August 11th 4:30PM to 6:30PM) - Adam’s Hub

Referee Update (Tuesday August 20th 6:30PM to 8:30PM) - Sheriff’s Office

Referee Update (Thursday August 22nd 6:30PM to 8:30PM) - Sheriff’s Office

Referee Update (Friday September 13th 6:30PM to 8:30PM) - Sheriff’s Office

Ormsby Room

Carson City Sheriff’s Office

911 E. Musser St.

Carson City, NV 89701

Adam’s Hub for Innovation 

111 West Proctor Street

Carson City, NV 89703


If you plan to attend one of these courses:

  • Make sure you have checked with your Regional Commissioner, to make sure that your volunteer information is up to date.
  • Take and complete the Safe Haven Training online print out the Certificate of Completion and bring a copy of that certificate to the class
  • Take the Concussion Awareness Training online and print out that Certificate of Completion and bring a copy of that certificate to the class
  • To complete your Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness and to sign up for courses: log into your AYSO account on your regional Blue Sombrero Website and then go to AYSOU
  • Thank you for volunteering to referee the beautiful game of soccer for the youth in our community. Your efforts make our community a better place to live!


Regional Referee Course (Basic Referee or 10U referee)


This is a referee course for the 10U referee or beginning referee. Participants must have completed the Safe Haven Certification and CDC Concussion Awareness Certification before attending. This course is offered in a one-day course format and a 2-day course format. Wear comfortable shoes.


The Two-day Regional Referee Course Thursday August 29th 6:30PM to 10:30PM

And Friday August 30th 6:30PM to 10:30PM (referee candidates must attend both evenings)


There are 2 one day courses:


One day Regional Referee Course 9AM to 5PM Saturday August 31st

We will provide lunch on the one day course



One day Regional Referee Course 9AM to 5PM Saturday September 14th  

We will provide lunch on the one day course


Intermediate Referee Training

This course is for experienced Regional Referees. The purpose of this course is to train Basic Referees in all aspects of refereeing to develop skills that will allow the referee to officiate soccer matches that are more physically demanding and challenging under the AYSO (FIFA) Laws and AYSO National Rules and Regulations.  This is a one-day course on:

  • Date TBD

To be an Intermediate Referee:

  • MINIMUM AGE: 14 years old
  • Game experience: 25 as referee with at least 5 in U-12 matches
  • Must Complete Intermediate Referee Course
  • TESTING: 90% or better on the Intermediate Referee exam
  • ASSESSMENT: Applicants for Intermediate Referee level must be observed by a Referee Assessor (or Advisor) and recommended for upgrade by the Regional Referee Administrator or the Regional Director of Assessment. An observation as a referee is required. An observation as an assistant referee is also recommended.

Please study these before you attend this course:

  • AYSO edition FIFA Laws of the Game 2017/2018
  • AYSO National Rules and Regulations (on our website)

You must pass the intermediate exam and then you must be observed as the Referee in a U12 match by an Advanced AYSO Referee, AYSO Referee Assessor or AYSO Referee Instructor to complete the course requirements and then submit your completed AYSO application form to National AYSO to receive your Intermediate Badge.

Thank you for volunteering to referee the beautiful game of soccer to the youth in our community. Your efforts make our community a better place to live!

A message to our coaches:

We need your help to improve the game environment so that adults and youth will feel comfortable volunteering their time to become referees for your games. Here is some advice one referee instructor passed on to his coaches.

Below is a list of things to keep in mind once the season’s games begin:

1.      Referees like to have fun too. AYSO is about everyone enjoying themselves including the referees. If a referee has fun at your game then they will sign up to do more of them. Everyone needs to work together to be respectful of one another and to appreciate the efforts each person brings to the program to make it enjoyable for all involved – especially the kids.

2.      Treat the officials with respect (this is in the Laws of the Game). All officials make mistakes. All humans make mistakes. Let the officials be human and learn from their mistakes. Most times they know when they have made a mistake and try to improve. The referee may be wrong, but not as often as you are? Have you ever seen a referee change his mind because a coach or parent shouted at him or her? You will probably find that the referee made as many mistakes against the other team as with your team. It all balances out. If you watched the World Cup Tournament you probably saw the mistakes highly paid world class referees made.

3.      Leave the game on the field. When the game is over, no amount of comment, question or discussion with the players, officials or coaches can change the outcome.

4.      Keep the game fun. Winning is more fun than losing, but each player should enjoy playing because they love the game. Some players dread it when their coach or parents start shouting at the referee. Remember that this is recreational league soccer and is designed for everyone to have fun.

5.      Think about your favorite sport. Would you enjoy it and continue with it if people yelled at you each time you made a mistake? That is what happens with some of the referees, especially youth referees. Many referees quit and many people refuse to become referees because of the ridicule referees receive.

6.      How should coaches communicate concerns about a referee? It is understandable and human nature for coaches and parents to get consumed with emotions in the heat of competition but it is important to remember to never yell at a referee during or after a game. Always be sure to thank the referees after each game and let them know that their efforts are appreciated. The appropriate way to express any substantial concerns you may have about a referee is by going to [email protected] and sending an email to the Referee Administrator describing which law of the game the referee was not following. The Referee Administrator will then provide additional training to the referee. Referees do want to better their game and want feedback on how to improve but this is best done in a neutral and calm setting with the Referee Administrator.

7.      How should referees communicate concerns about a coach? If there is one word for referees to remember this season it is “de-escalate”. It can be difficult at times but it is the referees’ job to de-escalate a volatile situation by remaining calm and not participating in arguments with parents or coaches. If a referee observes a coach or parent that has exhibited behavior that is inappropriate for the program then that referee can go to [email protected]org and send an email to the Coach Administrator describing the inappropriate behavior.

With all of that being said, we will not tolerate any abuse of the referees. NONE!! If you need and want a referee for your games let them have fun too and they will be happy to sign up to referee your games.

Gregory Giron
Referee Instructor
AYSO Carson City
[email protected]

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