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COVID-19 Update

2020 Fall Schedule Amended

On October 2, Governor Sisolak issued a new directive and accompanying guidance relaxing some of the previous restrictions in place for youth sports.  The new rules increase the number of spectators at an event from 50 to 250.  This allows AYSO to have additional divisions during each time slot so that you can start the rest of your Saturday earlier.  Because of earlier sunsets, we need to start all weeknight sessions at 5:30.  The new schedule is as follows (changes in bold underline):

Playground/Schoolyard (2016/2017)- Saturday’s only at 10:00
6U Boys/Girls (born 2015)- Saturdays 8:30; Wednesdays 5:30
8U Boys (2013/2014) - Saturdays 8:30; Tuesdays 5:30
8U Girls (2013/2014) - Saturdays 8:30; Wednesdays 5:30
10U Boys (2011/2012) - Saturdays 11:00; Thursdays 5:30
10U Girls (2011/2012) - Saturdays 11:00; Mondays 5:30
12U Boys (2009/2010) - Saturdays 8:30; Thursdays 5:30
12U Girls (2009/2010) - Saturdays 10:00; Mondays 5:30
14U/16U Boys (2005-2008) - Saturdays 11:00; Thursdays 5:30
14U/16U Girls (2005-2008) - Saturdays 10:00; Mondays 5:30

The last day for Playground/Schoolyard will be Saturday, October 17.  The last day for all other players will be Saturday, October 25.

As everyone is well aware by now, the current COVID pandemic has created challenges for all youth sports.  Despite these challenges, we think it is so important to get our kids out of the house to have a little exercise and some social interaction.  That said, we are cognizant of the safety risks that COVID represents.  Therefore, we have created a fall season designed to limit exposure for your children with clinics/sessions designed improve players’ skills within smaller groups.

All instructional periods will be scheduled to limit contact with other groups before, during and after practice without crowding.  Coaches and players are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled time and leave no more than 15 minutes after the end of their scheduled time.

Single Point of Entry.  There will be one point of entry (at the sanihut) at which an AYSO official will take temperature readings of each person entering the field.  Signs will be posted to clearly mark entrances and exits.  We will also ask those that enter the field whether they are exhibiting any COVID symptoms.

Smaller groups.  AYSO recreational soccer for all ages will occur on the south side of Pete Livermore Sports Complex on smaller, 8U fields.  Players will be broken up into groups of 8 to 10 and assigned to a field.  All fields will be at least 10 yards from any other field or training space. 

Equipment. Hand sanitizer will be available for coaches to apply for each child prior to starting play and wipes to clean balls.  There will be no goalie and no throw-in practice to limit hand contact with the ball.  Players should not touch the goals.  Equipment and water/fluid bottles should not be shared.  All players must wear shinguards under the socks and closed toed sneakers or soccer cleats. No slide tackles are allowed.  No spitting is allowed.

Masks.  All individuals, including players, will be required to wear masks while at Pete Livermore Sports Complex, except for players that are actively playing.  Players should wear masks when not exerting themselves.

Spectator Limitations.  Generally, only players, coaches, referees and AYSO officials will be allowed on the field.  Additionally, only one parent or guardian per player will be allowed on the field.  However, to reduce the number of people on the field, parents are highly encouraged to drop-off their kids or to remain in their cars during sessions if they would like to remain onsite.

If You are Sick. We ask that anyone not feeling well, with a fever, or exhibiting any respiratory symptoms please do not come to Pete Livermore Sports Complex.  If your player or a family member has been diagnosed with COVID, regardless of whether you are exhibiting symptoms, we ask that you not come to Pete Livermore Sports complex, cooperate with Carson City health officials and tell us so that we can take appropriate action.  We will track which kids play on which fields.  If we become aware that a player has COVID, we will work with Carson City health officials to help with contact tracing and determine an appropriate pause in play for affected players.  We will notify the parents of each player that may have been exposed to COVID and provide return to play criteria at that time.

Facilities.  Due to reductions in staff within the Carson City Parks and Rec department, the City is unable to provide normal services.  Therefore, restrooms will be closed.  We recommend your players go to the restroom before they leave home.  However, a sanihut will be available near the south restrooms and another will be near the snack bar if needed.

If conditions improve, we may be able to create a more normal soccer experience with larger teams and games against other teams.  We ask for your patience and flexibility as we try to create the best experience possible as conditions evolve.

We feel that by following the plan above, we can create a safe playing environment for your kids and for ours.  Only by working as a team - with the board, the coaches, the referees, the players and the parents - can we do so.  We want to get our kids out of the house for their sanity and yours!  Please join us in bringing great soccer to Carson City’s kids!

Spring Jamboree for Older Players - Ages 8-18

AYSO Spring Jamboree for Older Players
Ages 8 (10U) through 18 (19U)

Jamboree is a new, fast-paced, skills-based program focused on foot work and short distance passing open to all skill levels ages 10U and up. Played in the spring, Jamboree starts with a skills clinic on the week before the last weekend in April and lasts until the first week in June. There will be a total of ten sessions - one skills clinic and nine games. During the games, Jamboree teams are mixed up with three or four players per team on a small 8U field with no goalies. We’ve modified the rules slightly for the smaller fields - for instance, you can’t score at the start of play, there are no goalies and there is no offside.

Perhaps the best thing about Jamboree is that there’s no commitment.  Does your child want to play another sport?  Go ahead, play that sport and come play Jamboree in their off time!  We switch up the teams every session based on the available players and will try to balance the teams to make it the most fun possible for each session.

2020 Spring Jamboree Games and Practices

City Carson City AYSO Region 140 Jamboree sessions are held at Pete Livermore Sports Complex (Edmonds Field) on the dates below. For sessions listed on weeknights we have listed a range of dates and for Saturdays we have listed a range of times. During each date or time range, your child will only play one game/session. Actual dates and times will depend on the number of players registered. Players should arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to their scheduled start time to warm up and to receive field assignments.

  • Tuesday, May 19, 6:30 PM - Session 1 - 10U skills clinic
  • Wednesday, May 20, 6:30 PM - Session 1 - 12U skills clinic
  • Thursday, May 21, 6:30 PM - Session 1 - 14U, 16U, 19U skills clinic
  • Tuesday-Thursday, May 26-28, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 2 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, June 1-4, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 3 - game
  • Saturday, June 6, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM - Session 4 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, June 8-11, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 5 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, June 15-28, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 6 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, June 22-25, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 7 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, June 29-July 2, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 8 - game
  • Monday-Thursday, July 6-9, 6:30-7:30 PM - Session 9 - game
  • Saturday, July 11, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM - Session 10 - game

Jamboree Program Parent Expectations

Expectations on the Field

We want AYSO soccer fields to be a safe, friendly, happy, place for children to play. Therefore, we expect all parents, spectators and volunteers to abide by the AYSO Code of Conduct and the Kid Zone Guidelines. We encourage fans on the sidelines, and anyone else nearby, to use positive language, show good sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and to create a great experience for every player. Whether you are an official AYSO volunteer, or simply your child’s biggest fan, we want you to feel empowered to remind others who are not exhibiting positive behavior to do so.

All spectators will stay on one side of the field, opposite the coaches, at least one yard from the touchline (sideline). Spectators may not sit, stand or linger behind the goal line, with the exception of photographers, who must receive permission from the referee prior to the game. Photographers positioned behind the goal line may not cheer.

Expectations off the field

Parents, guardians, grandparents and other family members are integral to your child’s success. Players that kick the ball with their parents a few times per week outside of practice progress much more quickly than players that don’t.

After games, briefly emphasize the positive. If your player wants to talk more about the game, do so. However, try to avoid lengthy discussions about poor performance - generally, your child knows what went wrong and what can be improved - and if the player doesn’t know, then the player isn‘t ready to hear the criticism.

Volunteer for your Child!

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. We can’t do this without you! We need coaches, referees and team managers to help out with each team. A team full of engaged parents makes a positive experience for the coach, which in turn, makes a better experience for your child. Here are ways you can help out!

Coach. Each game must have a coach or manager. You must be good with kids, pass a background check and take the on-line Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness and division appropriate Training. Remember, if there’s no coach or team manager, your child can’t play. Here are four more reasons why you should coach:
  • The coach is the head cheerleader and it’s a lot of fun.
  • We provide easy, simple to understand training.
  • With the training we provide, coaching is relatively easy - and the younger kids have no idea that you don’t think you know what you are doing.
  • Finally, coaching is a great way to create lasting memories for your child!
Referee. Every game must have a referee. If there’s no referee, there's no game. Support your coach and be a referee. To be a referee you must pass a background check, take the on-line Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Awareness and take the Regional Referee Training.

Manager. In some instances, we may not have enough coaches for each field. In this case, we'll need you to simply distribute pinnies manage substitutions and re-balance the teams from time to time. Managers should pass a background check and take the on-line Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Awareness Training.

It takes a village to raise a soccer player and we thank you for your support!

Jamboree Program Required Player Equipment

As a part of the registration fee, AYSO provides each player:
  • An AYSO Jamboree performance T-shirt, socks and shorts; and
  • A size 3 soccer ball.
Coaches will distribute uniforms and balls at the skills clinic. Players should bring their soccer ball to every game.

You must provide for every practice and game:
  • Shin guards;
  • Closed-toed running shoes, sneakers or cleats; and
  • Water or other hydration.
Soccer cleats are highly recommended, but players must wear closed-toed shoes. EACH PLAYER MUST WEAR SHIN GUARDS AND CLOSED-TOED SHOES TO EACH PRACTICE AND GAME. PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY IF THEY ARE NOT WEARING SHIN GUARDS AND CLOSED-TOED SHOES. Shin guards are worn UNDER the player’s soccer socks next to the skin. The socks must completely cover the shin guard.

The following are not allowed at any practice or game:
  • Splints or casts (hard or soft) of any kind; and
  • Earrings or other jewelry while playing - with or without tape or band-aids.
We recommend you refrain from piercing ears until the end of the season.

Jamboree Rules

All Jamboree matches shall be conducted in accordance with the current AYSO National Rules & Regulations, the current FIFA Laws of the Game, decisions of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in effect on August 1 each calendar year and the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives, with the following exceptions:
  • Field size - 8U field
  • Number of players - 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 (preferably 3v3 or 4v4); depends on available players
  • No goalkeeper
  • Substitutions will occur at the quarters; each player will play at least three quarters
  • Heading the ball is not allowed for 10U and 12U
  • Game duration - four 10 minute quarters with a two minute break between quarters and a 5 minute break between halves
  • Coaching - each game will have one coach to manage substitutions for both teams and provide instruction during breaks; coaches may need to re-balance teams if one team is overly dominant
  • Referees - each game will have one referee to manage the game
  • Winner of the coin toss decides which end to attack; other team starts play with a kick-off
  • All starts and restarts are indirect kicks (no throw-ins)
  • Players cannot score directly on a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, kick-in or other indirect kick; a ball that goes in the goal directly from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, kick-in or other indirect kick will result in a goal kick
  • Players who start play with a direct or indirect kick cannot touch the ball until another player touches the ball; if the player who kicked the direct or indirect kick touches the ball before another player touches the ball, an indirect kick will be awarded to the other team at the spot the ball was touched the second time
  • Opponents must be 4 yards away from the ball until the ball is kicked for all direct and indirect kicks other than penalty kicks
  • Goal kicks may be taken from any point on the goal line
  • Kick-ins must be taken from the point at which the ball crossed the touchline (sideline)
  • Penalty kicks are taken from the center mark; before the ball is kicked on a penalty kick, all players must move behind the mid-line; the kicker may not touch the ball until someone else touches the ball; play is live once the ball is kicked
  • Direct and indirect kicks that are not penalty kicks shall be taken at the spot of the foul; however, if the offense is fouled within 5 yards of the goal area, the ball will be moved 5 yards away from the goal area
  • Players may not touch the ball within the goal area; if a defender touches the ball within the goal area, the offense gets a penalty kick; if an offender touches the ball within the goal area, or the ball stops in the goal area, the defense gets a goal kick
  • Offside is not called
Each game will have one referee to manage the game and at least one coach or manager to manage substitions. A Jamboree division coordinator will shuffle players prior to each session with an emphasis on ensuring balanced teams for each match. Team size for each game shall be adjusted to ensure there is no more than one substitute per team. The coach or manager may shuffle players during a game to better balance the teams if needed.


This program is open to any player that meets the applicable age requirements. Generally, registration is open beginning in November for spring season. Registration closes May 15 (though late registrants may miss the first few sessions).

Please go to our registration webpage for more details.

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